Tips for Job Seekers

Are you lacking previous experience in our industry....then read on.....
I get many emails from job seekers without any previous experience working in holiday parks and often make the below suggestions that may be of assistance.

Firstly (if you haven't already....) you should register your details and load your resume on my website - many employers do not just list a position vacant but also search through the details and resumes of job seekers loaded onto the site....if your not there you may miss the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Secondly, as you travel why not offer to do some free 'work experience' with a park. Sometimes a recommendation from a fellow park owner is better than any previous work history you provide....especially if you show your hard working and enthusiastic with a level head and an eye for detail....all great traits required to be a successful park employee.

The third and final opportunity I can suggest is to look into doing a training course with one of the industry providers, let me know if this option interests you as I can recommend some of the more professional businesses around.

Although none of these things will assure you of a job they will certainly assist to show your passion and interest in our industry

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Once registered - load your resume for perspective employers to find or post a job listing by clicking on the relevant tab at the top of the website
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Please click on 'Post a resume' or 'Post a job' again to receive full access and fill in the series of fields that come up.

If your comfortable to do so, don't forget to include a photo in your application employers like to know your well presented; remember as Holiday Park staff your the face of their business so make sure you put your best foot forward and present yourself well!

Don't forget to mention any experience staying in Holiday Parks on your cover letter or in your resume....bringing a 'guest' perspective to a new position can be valuable to potential employers especially if you have not worked in our industry before (detail that you have learnt how to offer good service to Guests staying in a Holiday Park from your own experiences). In the job interview you could highlight your experience; what was good about it and what may have fallen short. Then detail how you would use this experience to provide top notch service in the position you are being interviewed for.

Just because you have not worked in a Park doesn't mean you can't demonstrate an understanding of what is involved.....or if you haven't stayed in a park maybe it's time you did some research about the industry you want to work in!

Best of luck!