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Belinda Thomas - Owner

Our Caravan Park industry specific Job Board allows you to view the latest Caravan Park jobs and Job Seeker resumes for free online. We also offer a shortlisting service.

I have worked in Holiday Parks for over 15 years, mostly in Caravan Park Management but also in Frontline & Operations Management. I am passionate about the people and experiences Holiday Parks offer. I have developed this website because like many business owners and managers, I became frustrated with the process of trying to find good employees that are genuinely interested in a job in our industry. Main stream recruitment sites have become so big and in my previous position as the Manager of an NRMA Holiday Park, I found that every time I posted a job vacancy I spent days reading through resumes of people who in most cases didn't even know what position they had applied for or even what industry it was in!

Many of the most widely used recruitment sites allow users to set up their resume to be sent out automatically to anyone posting a job under key search criteria like 'Assistant Manager', users do not always specify an industry, location or even a job role. This process seems to add to the time both employer and potential employees spend with little benefit to either person.

For me finding the right staff for the right job is the most important step in building a profitable and productive business. I wanted to help fix this problem and being the 'glass half full' person that I am, I chose to put my money where my mouth is and build this website. I believe the caravan park industry is specialised enough to require its own industry focused recruitment site. For me the most important step in building a better industry is finding, training and motivatingpassionate people so this was the reason behind the development of this website. I wanted to make it easier to connect people with vacant positions and employers with keen job seekers.

Job seekers listing their details on this website are determined enough to get a job in our industry that they are willing to pay for the privilege; this minimal fee paid by job seekers assists in reducing the cost of advertising for employers wanting to recruit and in many cases will save employers the effort of posting recruitment advertisements at all, drastically reducing the time and money spent on recruiting and giving 'TIME' back to many of you who are in desperate need of it!

I sincerely hope that this site allows you to find what you are looking for. If you have any suggestions and feedback on how we can improve this service for you please feel free to contact me. I believe recruiting right is the most important part of running a successful business and that hiring the wrong person can potentially damage your business beyond repair.

Most importantly we actively target job seekers through social media, other job boards and industry contacts so all the hard work is done for you and you can be confident you’re getting large exposure not only from over 800 job seekers we currently have registered.

If you are after a hassle free way to recruit, want finding a job to be easier or just need a little help getting into the industry to start with.....you have certainly come to the right place!

Good luck!


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Employers - Want someone else to do all the hardwork for you? 
We provide a short listing service for as little as $450 (plus GST).

This service includes;

  • Writing a professional advertisement to ensure you only attract those suitable to your available position.
  • Promoting your positions on my website, other recruitment channels and sharing it throughout my many social media pages Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus ect.
  • Sourcing suitable applicants based on your specific requirements.
  • Interviewing via phone, skype and in person where possible (if requested on site interviews will incur travel fees).
  • Reference checking successful applicants to ensure that the chosen applicants match the culture of your business as well as the specific requirements of the position.
  • Presentation of several of the best applicants for final interviews and selection by you.

I believe recruiting right is the most important part of running a successful business and that hiring the wrong person can potentially damage your business beyond repair.....if finding the right staff continues to be a bone of contention then allow me to take away the pain of recruitment!
Please email jobs@hiremeholidayparks.com.au or fill in the form on our contacts page if you would like assistance with recruitment.